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2020/09/02 15:54:50


こんにちは!第3 ICTソリューション本部2部のD.Hです。






Hi there! This is D.H from ICT solutions group of TSC.
I teach English communications to fellow coworkers in the company.

―Why do you teach English?
English is a common language across the globe, which can be a useful tool in the IT industry.
For example, communicating with oversea clients, researching new upcoming technologies, maybe even giving you a head start in learning new programming languages as well.
Not only that, learning English not only can broaden a person’s perspective, it can give possibilities to world class work opportunities. More importantly it can give confidence to a person to exchange with foreigners in general.

―What are some challenges have you experienced in teaching English?
Since the English levels differ between students, it was difficult to create lesson plans for the class. Not only should the lessons be too easy nor to difficult, it should be something that students can relate to in their everyday life /work.
Students can easily get discouraged if they cannot understand the lesson. Using audio/visual media was a good method to catch their attention, making it more enjoyable in learning English.

―Is it worth teaching something to coworkers?
Yes. Teaching English in TSC not only gives the students knowledge/skills, but also gives me experience in constructing systems for educational firms. By doing this, I can understand what teachers experience when they teach their class, which leads to finding solutions in making a more convenient teaching experience for the future educational firm customers to come.

―Any last words?
We are living in a world that is constantly changing. The things we learned in the past may not be used in the future. Let’s strive to find new knowledge for a better future.