Message from President  

We have grown up with the support by leading Japanese companies based in Tama area as an IT engineer company.
We focuse on human resources and have a thought that is "Maximize the potential of each employee".


We work on our day-to-day work as an IT company in the Tama area, and we take pleasure in our contributions to our customers and society.
It is the motto of TSC that we always have our spirit of challenge to new technologies and new fields, and convey our feelings globally from Tama area through our heartfelt work.

We welcome the challenge to your new field.
We believe in tomorrow that we can feel the joy together by producing good results with carefully growing vibrant buds.

Our company is a place where we can contribute to our customers and feel the joy of being appreciated by them.
Also, we can teach, encourage with each other, and work hard together in our company.

We are looking forward to receiving the application from those who have the courage to go ahead with new challenges.

TSC seeks

Work livelily together, and passion to feel joy the together
Challenge to New technology and New field
Dream to realize your passion and thought

Challenge Courage to Move Forward

It is our Motto.

挑戦 まえにいくゆうきのアンビグラム

Your passion, challenging spirit, your manufacturing dream will becomes a strong force,
and TSC will become the place to be thanked by Asian and other overseas people globally.

Let's achieve the wonderful life together!